My wife and I took a final trip down to Colorado Springs this weekend. We are about three weeks from leaving Colorado in pursuit of our next adventure. It was bitter-sweet but mostly a helping of the sweet. So many good memories and plenty of not so great ones. It is where we both went to school and where we met on another. It is where we dedicated large portions of our life in pursuit of where they are today. It feels nice. It once felt like the place that contained everything that we were: school, friends and home. Today, none of those things are present and we now feel like outsiders. I give much thanks to this place and to the people I met while living there. I’m looking forward to what’s next but I am also exited to come back in a couple of years and see how much has changed, yet again, and how much further we will feel removed from it.

The Terrazzo at the Air Force Academy. Loving and hating every minute of this place. Met the best people in the world here.

The Broadmoor

The German Bakery that my wife and I cannot get enough of