I spent about 4 years taking photos professionally for the Air Force. Before this I loved taking photos, I loved everything around it, I loved the ability to capture something awesome. I loved the gadgets and it helped fuel my love for tech. After my time working with the Air Force, I got burnt out. I stopped enjoying photo taking, it felt like a chore. I have yet to fully shake that feeling off, but I still know its something I want to get back into. I am making the steps forward, but often time I get discouraged just by the sheer effort of dragging my camera around, the time it takes to edit and publish.

I might sounds a bit cynical, but I truly want to get back into it. I have the stuff at my fingertips. Here is what I have:


I spent my professional career shooting with Canon, I owned a 7D, and I loved it. I miss it. I purchased the fuji with the hopes of having a more compact camera, and it accomplished that but I can’t say I love it. But I think I will get past that, its just unfamiliar.

I’ll try and post some photos here…but I have a baby coming soon and who knows what my motivation will be like.